New Sermon Series - Why I Love My Church

Sermon series starts March 4th and ends on Easter Sunday, April 9th

Class 101 Discovering Our Church Family - Celebration Beach Church

Join us for the the first of Celebration Beach Church’s foundational classes. You were designed to be a part of a church family, and that’s exactly what Celebration is intended to be—your family.

A healthy family has common beliefs, purposes, and commitments. That’s why we want to share with you what we believe and where we’re going. Every member should participate in this informative class.

Discover renewed purpose.
Leave the pomp and circumstance at home.

An outdoor church experience in the heart of Naples, FL

Sunday Service: 9:30 am
Cambier Park, Naples, FL

Fun and
Casual Environment

Practical teaching and
Island-Style music

Impact your
Community directly

Feeling disenchanted with the traditional church format?

Have most churches you have tried so far feel bland, stiff, and cookie-cutter?

Have you gotten hurt by “godly” people only to find yourself disenchanted once again?

Do you feel like you lost purpose?

We get it. We don’t like fake either.

When we started preaching from a park bench over 25 years ago, we realized people longed for a different kind of church. A church that is open, loving, caring, and spontaneous.

A church that feels more like a day at the beach vs. going to a funeral.

Visit us this weekend

Find us right downtown Naples at Cambier Park off of the famous Fifth Avenue. Bring your lawn chair, dog, and a heart open to receive the Love of Christ.


We offer in-depth bible studies and a great selection of small groups to ensure you don’t have to do life alone. Our church office is open as well for any help you may need.


We all yearn for meaning and purpose in life and God has a great plan for you. So leave the “pomp and circumstance” at home and embrace a different kind of church.

Watch a recent message

We take your purpose seriously, ourselves…not so much.

Stop feeling stuck indoors and in life.

Find the people who GET you and help you positively impact your community with your friends at Celebration Beach Church.


Got a Question, Prayer Request, or God moment you'd like to share?
Let us know.